Tasty Tuesdays – (Vegan) Soylent

This week, I’ll share our Soylent Shake recipe. A very practical drink, and it consists of 60% of my daily nutritional intake. (Not to be confused with the 1973 Science Fiction Film, Soylent Green, where a Dystopian future population survive on processed food rations made from human remains. IMDB rating of 7.1, no less.)


Image Via Cooking For 20

Okay, so some history:

Long story short, Soylent was created by programmer Rob Rhinehart, who wanted a quick and easy way to keep his body going without stopping for pesky business like making breakfast or lunch. “It’s an open-source food movement, focused on developing easy, fast, and cheap ways of getting optimal nutrition.” He experimented with the drink for a month, tracking it’s progress and tweaking the formula till it was perfect, and became the biggest food-related crowdfunding event to date. They now stock Vegan and Regular Soylent shakes.

The recipe below is a full day’s serving. So if you drink all of that during the day, you don’t need any other nutrients for survival. No food, nothing else.

We love food though… So we make 1 full portion, divide it in half between the two of us and drink it for breakfast and lunch. For supper, we cook yummy food. Because we loves food, we do.

We’ve also adapted the recipe slightly, mainly because of what we have available in South Africa. Also, it’s vegan.


FULL SERVING – Most Clicks’s, Dischem’s and some Spar’s will stock the ingredients.

I’m still searching for a way to get these products in a zero waste friendly way, but all of the Nature’s Choice and Health Connection stuff still comes in plastic… Urgh.)

Mix all the dry ingredients and put in blender. Add water. Add oil and blend.

Pour. Drink. That’s it.

Some Tips:

  1. Some days I’ll add a teaspoon of coffee. Or 2 or 3 spoons.
  2. The drink will go off if not used within the day. Rather mix the powder and store, then make the shake as needed.
  3. The boyfriend measures it off in a bag, seals the bag and shakes it good. I assume that’s easier than trying to mix it in a bowl or bottle or some other solid container.
  4. In the beginning, I added less water and had a thick mixture. Now, I like it more if it’s watery. Experiment with how much water you add.
  5. Make 1 full Serving and drink for breakfast, lunch and supper. Or make half a serving and drink for breakfast and lunch and eat “normal” food for supper.

Let me know what you think! Anybody else out there drinking Soylent?


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