The Fourth Zero Waste Twitter Talk: Traveling #zwtot

Before we start with the recap, some important news! Drum roll please….

The Zero Waste Bloggers Network has grown up, folks!! It’s now a Non Profit Organization, founded by Inge from Gruenish. How cool is that! You can read more about it here. There are so many ways to get involved, go have a look!

 Alright, on to the business: 


Zero Waste travel suggested by @julianduizaKaleMoss

Held: Thursday, 12th November 10am PST / 3pm Sao Paolo / 5pm London / 7pm South Africa

Host: Inge from Gruenish, managing ZWBN Twitter Acc on behalf of the Zero Waste Bloggers Network. 


1) For Flights, how to stay #zerowaste when it comes to beauty products – by @shackledmuse
2) Are long distance flights without disposables possible – by @gruenish
3) What to do with waste when the visited city doesn’t recycle and you cant take it home – by @yfairproduction
4) How to find Zero Waste accommodation? – by @lynbull53
5) Any items you always carry with you to help reduce wastage while travelling? via @shackledmuse


If I missed anybody, or got your details/blog/link/anything wrong, please let me know. If you recall posting a totally awesome tweet and don’t see it in the recap below, please let me know. I might have missed a few tweets here and there.

Please note, ANYBODY can join a Twitter Talk, Group Members and Non. We WANT non group member to join in so we can pick their brains, get useful tips, and share suggestions. Therefore, please promote the Zero Waste Talk On Twitter #zwtot far and wide! You can read more about it here on Zero Waste Bloggers Website, or follow the hashtag #zwtot on Twitter.

Some Useful Links & Tips:

Recap of Previous Twitter Talk: Composting ZWTOT

My Tutorial on how to Stay Sane During A Twitter Talk.


Question 1:


Answers 1:



Question 2:


Answers 2:


Question 3:


Answers 3:


Question 4:


Answers 4:


Question 5:


Answers 5:


Next Twitter Talk will be announced on the ZWBN group. If you’re not a member there, it will also be announced on the Zero Waste Heroes Facebook Page.

Alternatively, follow Zero Waste Bloggers Network on Twitter, or check our website for further news and other cool stuff.

Thanks Everybody!


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