Zero Waster’s Travel Companion (EBook)

Less than four hours until the Zero Waster’s Travel Companion EB00k release!

Sign up at Zero Waste Bloggers Network and get it first. All proceeds will fund future Zero Waste Blogger’s Network projects to raise environmental awareness and help support the zero waste community.

The book features packaging free shops, bulk shops, composting solutions and tourist attractions from 32 countries around the world (of which Yours Truly is responsible for the Joburg Westrand section 😀 )


ZW Bloggers from all around the world helped make this possible, but Inge from Grünish, Founder & CEO of the Zero Waste Bloggers Network, Inc. 501(c)(3) is the real hero here. She pulled all of this off whilst traveling in an RV with her family (which includes a toddler and baby) while having limited internet connectivity…

Traveling Companion Second Edition

There will be more editions and info will be constantly updated. My contribution to the first edition only covers the West Rand area, so if you have any suggestions of places I missed, please let me know in the comment section below.

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