The 5th Zero Waste Twitter Talk – Minimalism #zwtot

The Fifth Zero Waste Talk on Twitter took place on the 3rd December, sadly I could not make it 😦
Neverless, I didn’t want to miss out on anything, so here is the recap of the Topic. You can also search the #zwtot hashtag on Twitter here.

Topic: Minimalism & Zero Waste


  • Question 1: When paring down your life to a minimalist style, how do you do it in a zero-waste-friendly manner? via @whistlpighollow.
  • Question 2: Your thoughts on the #KonMari method and how it can enrich a #zerowastelifestyle? via @noneedformars
  • Question 3: Do #zerowastelifestyle and #minimalism counteract? via @Gruenish
  • Question 4: Best way to get kids excited about #minimalism? via @tash_marais
  • Question 5: Q5: How many pairs of shoes do you own? via Going Zero Waste


Inge ( @Gruenish ) tweeting from @ZeroWasteBN


  1. Jennifer – Twitter: @simplyfiercely Blog: Simply Fiercely.
  2. Lyn – Twitter: @lynbull53.
  3. Yvonne – Twitter: @YFairProduction Blog: Y Fair Productions.
  4. Inge – Twitter: @Gruenish. Blog: Gruenish
  5. Julia – Twitter: @UntouchSimple Blog: Untouchably Simple
  6. Chicy Little Monkeys – Twitter: @chicymonkeys – Shop: Chicy Little Monkeys.
  7. Litterless – Twitter: @go_litterless. Blog: Litterless.
  8. Julie – Twitter: @jule_tweets. Blog: Le Blog De Jule
  9. Kathryn – Twitter: @goingzerowaste. Blog: Going Zero Waste.
  10. Al McCullough – Twitter: @SellAllYurStuff. Blog: Sell All Your Stuff
  11. Danielle – Twitter: @noneedformars. Blog: No Need For Mars.
  12. Freegle – Twitter: @thisisfreegle. Blog: Freegle.


Here’s some useful links to help you get started
* What is #ZWTOT?
* How does #ZWTOT work.
* How to stay sane during a twitter talk.

And They’re Off!

Question 1:

Answers to Q1:

And Freegle responded!
Well played, Freegle, well played. Social Media done right.

Question 2:

Answers to Q2:

Question 3:

Answers to Q3:

Question 4:

Answers to Q4:

Question 5:

Answers to Q5:

The End:

Till next time, folks!
Stay Awesome


2 responses to “The 5th Zero Waste Twitter Talk – Minimalism #zwtot

    • You’re welcome. ♥ I’m so bummed that I couldn’t make it, it was the first one I missed and it’s a topic that I was really looking forward to!


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