Zero Waste Toothpaste

This post is soooo long overdue. Switching to homemade Toothpaste was one of the first changes I made! It’s so simple. You only need three ingredients for this specific recipe. There are other versions, even a Tooth Powder that you can find on Rogue Ginger’s Site.

You will need:

  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons baking soda
  • 25-30 drops Organic food grade peppermint essential oil (Or anything else you’d prefer. Anise, Spearmint

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I’ve used many variations of this recipe. In the very beginning, I couldn’t find Peppermint Essential oil anywhere. The only oils I could find, was massage oil and not suitable for ingesting. Somebody said it wouldn’t make a difference, as I wont be swallowing it. I tried. It burnt my tongue…

So I used only a mixture of Coconut Oil and Baking Soda. That worked, it tasted okay, but was just too oily in texture for my liking. Then I switched to just using Baking Soda on its own. That worked better, but it definitely takes some getting used to. I don’t think many people will like the saltiness of it, but my teeth never felt so clean.

Then I went back to using normal tooth paste for about a week or so as I still had conventional toothpaste at home that I figured I need to use it up.

Two things happened:

  • I nearly gagged… The minty toothpaste I always loved, was so horrible I almost threw up. It was disgusting.
  • Someone told me maybe my Homemade Mix wasn’t working so well, as my teeth had a slight build up. I noticed this too, and have been brushing like mad every morning to get them cleaner butย my teeth just didn’t feel as clean as I wanted it… They were very surprised when I said that I actually haven’t been using the home made mix for more than a week and “normal” toothpaste was to blame the build up.

So, back to my homemade version I went. I recently found Lennon’s Peppermint drops, which (I assume) works just as well as Essential Oil would.

I use more baking soda than the recipe tho, because as much as I like the coconut oil taste, I DO NOT care for the oiliness… So my version 1:2 Oil & Baking Soda, instead of the other way around.

Play around with it. If too oily, add more baking soda. If too salty, grainy or dry, add more oil. Add more peppermint or any other oil of choice if needed.


Mix all three ingredients in a glass dish or bottle. I bought an itsy bitsy glass jar, as you can see.

To use, simply scoop out a little bit with a spoon and put it onto your toothbrush. Or, just dip your toothbrush in the mix, and use.

As simple as that.

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This is a snippet I stole from Lauren’s Trash is for Tossers. Food for thought:

Sure, you have to get over the saltiness of the baking soda, get into using a spoon instead of a tube, and you might miss the frothing and bubbling of commercial toothpaste, but I think of it this way: There was a time when we were trained to tolerate the stinging minty paste that we all grew up with, the one that burned because it was “working.” That burning became normal – I was taught to believe that it was what clean felt like. Not because it was super clean, but because that is what my family and my authority figures said. I later realized that my aversion to brushing with baking soda wasn’t because it doesn’t work, it was because it didn’t align with how I was raised to view cleanliness.

Transitioning to a Zero Waste lifestyle has really been as simple as understanding why I believe the things I do and retraining myself to form new habits and make simple changes to my daily ritual. It has not added hardship or strife or inconvenience at all. It’s just different. Different has been great. By challenging my preconceptions about what clean means, how I should clean, and what I need to achieve “cleanliness”, I feel more immaculate than I ever did before.

Have you tried a different version, perhaps the powder? What are your thoughts?

Let me know in the comment section below!



15 responses to “Zero Waste Toothpaste

  1. I have two versions here, one is what you’re describing above and I love that one. Reminds me of brushing my teeth in the ocean after camping at the beach. My daughter doesn’t like it though because it’s too salty for her. I make one with bentonite clay for her which she totally loves. She’d eat it using her toothbrush like a spoon if I would let her ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I heard wonders about the bentonite clay! Will definitely give that a try soonish. Sadly, I had to switch to disgusting tube paste again last week… Long story short, my cat knocked my coconut paste jar into the toilet… How he managed that, only he’ll know… Lol. Atleast I stocked up on coconut oil again yesterday…

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  2. Hey, Cheryl-Anne. I mustered up enough courage to try JUST baking soda the other day. It really wasn’t bad at all, and, as you said, my mouth felt SO clean. My only concern is the abrasion factor. Have you checked in with a dentist yet? I have heard and seen (like, on “The Clean Bin Project”) that dentists do approve of the baking soda method, but other authorities warn against enamel erosion. Thoughts? I’d really like to switch over, but I can’t afford to damage my teeth!

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    • I’ve done some research about this when someone else mentioned the abrasion factor too. I personally don’t think it’s an issue, but even it was I think I’d be willing to take my chances with baking soda, because toothpaste also isn’t so innocent…

      Fluoride aside, it contains a number of other things, triclosan for one, which I read somewhere is potentially carcinogenic. Some of Colgate’s soap products were remade a few years back, without the triclosan, but for some strange reason the toothpaste still contains it and was never reformulated?? (but this was from a 2014 study so it might changed now.) The EWG even considers it a moderate to high health risk… No wonder some toothpastes come with a warning to call poison contol when swallowed… lol (I had to Google this to see if it was for real. Lol. It is…)

      As for it being to abrasive: when one compares baking soda’s RDA value to that of toothpaste, it falls in the Low Abrasive category. I think it’s actually the lowest, but I could have misread the chart. I found it here:

      That said, I’m no expert! My next dentist appointment will be in the new year, and I’d love to see if he feels that my dental condition improved since the last visit.


      • Thank you, Cheryl-Anne! ๐Ÿ™‚ This research is helpful, as is the mention of conventional toothpaste not being so innocent. *deep breath* I think I might make the transition… Eeek! You should totally do a post after the dentist in a few months!


  3. How do you feel about the “freshness” you get from using this recipe? I’m slowly working through a couple but haven’t found one I love yet that feels clean and fresh..


    • I like the freshness MUCH MORE now that I’m adding the peppermint drops. It makes a huge difference, before the drops I was using just baking soda and c/oil, and even tho it was fresh, it just wasn’t the same. Have you tried the Orange Flavoured Tooth Powder on Rogue Ginger’s site?


      • No yet, I’ll check that out! I’m currently using a recipe with a bentonite clay base that works really well for cleaning and has a consistency that I like, but it isn’t as good for freshness. I’m guessing maybe the baking soda is the key ingredient that it’s missing, so I may try adding that in.

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      • I hear some people don’t like the baking soda, but at one stage I used JUST baking soda, and it still felt fresh. The clay one is a recipe I haven’t tried yet, but it’s on my list, hehe


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