The Second #zwtot (Zero Waste Talk On Twitter)

Our Second #zwtot happened last Thursday. The Topic was The Importance Of Bulk Shopping and Alternatives, and we discussed 5 related questions.

Here’s a brief breakdown, although this is perhaps only half of the tweets, I tried to collect only the Questions & Answers, but there was a ton friendly banter happening in between. The rest can be seen here.

(If you need any help on navigating your way through a Twitter Talk, read my How To Keep Track Of A Twitter Talk.)

And We’re Off!

Question 1: What Item Do You Think Is The Most Difficult To Get In Bulk, Via @mdastro / Malu


Answers 1:

QUESTION 2: What are alternatives if there is no bulk shopping option close by, via @gruenish



QUESTION 3: What to do when stores don’t allow the use of your own containers or bags for bulk? via zerowasteshauna


QUESTION 4: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve found in bulk? Via @mairitaluse



QUESTION 5: What are some unexpected placed you go to buy bulk? via @goingzerowaste


Finishing Up:

WOW, 2 hours and a million tweets later, we were done! What a fun talk it was!


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