Zero Waste Talk on Twitter; #zwtot

So, this week saw the very first, very successful Zero Waste Twitter Talk go down. And what a success it was! Inge from Gruenish hosted it, and members could submit questions beforehand, around the topic Getting started with Zero Waste.

5 Questions were covered in total, and the conversation could be followed using #zwtot (get it? Zero Waste Talk On Twitter.) A quick recap of the questions and answers:

Question 1:


Question 2:


And those are just some snippets from a talk that lasted 1.5 hours! For the rest, please go to Zero Waste Bloggers Network Twitter feed, or follow the hastag #zwtot and read Inge’s recap here

Special thanks to our Talk Leader Inge / Gruenish, and all who participated:

Lyn, Kathryn, Neasa, MaLu, Julie and  Timi (Sorry if I missed anybody, please send me a note or comment and I’ll link you.)

Find me on twitter: ShackledMuse

Our next twitter talk:

October 15th, 2015  9 a.m. PST
Please, its VERY IMPORTANT to use the hashtag #zwtot when replying to answers, so that everything can be tracked and used in blog posts like these.


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