Tasty Tuesdays – Sausage, Veggies & Gravy

Firstly, I’m a day late with this. Sorry.
Secondly, this is not a fancy recipe. But it’s yummy. Also, there’s no “formal” recipe for this. Sorry again…

I had the most terrible craving the other day. My mom used to make “boerewors” with potatoes and an onion gravy. (Just for the record, boerewors translates into sausage, but it’s different than sausage… South Africans are known for their Boerewors… Google it) Now, I didn’t really crave the sausage, I craved the oniony gravy.

So, here goes:

Sausage, Veggies & Gravy

  • Sausages of your choice (I used Fry’s Family Spicy Sausage)
  • Potatoes
  • 2 Onions, chopped chuncky (Remember, it was the onions I craved. Feel free to use less)
  • Green Beans
  • Olive Oil
  • BBQ Spice of your choice and Bisto
  • 2 Whole Garlic cloves. Simply because I like popping them into the gravy to soften, and then eating them whole.
  • Water, Salt, Pepper.

Fry the onions until soft, adding salt and pepper to taste. And then add lots of BBQ spice and bisto powder. Add the sausages, potatoes, green beans and enough water to cover it all. Simmer without lid till sauce thickens. Add some more bisto or spice if your gut tells you so…. Once potatoes are soft and gravy is thick, dish up.

You could actually forgo the sausages all together. I just added them for sentimental value. You know, because of how my mommy used to make it 🙂

My mom is awesome, by the way. She makes vegan food for me when I go visit 🙂

Love you, mom.



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