Liebster Award

I didn’t plan to write a post today, but then the lovely VeganNeeds nominated me for the Liebster award and I just couldn’t wait till tomorrow!

Go have a look at the Vegan Needs blog, it’s a great resource for anything related to the vegan lifestyle, including tips for cruelty free beauty bloggers! (Personally, I wish I found this site a year ago, when I started on my vegetarian, and later vegan, journeys.

So, here we go:

Liebster award


  1. Thank the nominator.
  2. Display the award.
  3. Nominate 10 more bloggers with 10 new questions.
  4. Answer the questions


  1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
    Having a place to share what’s close to my heart, in my own voice and tone. Also, it gives me the opportunity to meet like-minded people who I would have never met before.
  2. Top 3 favorite movies of all time?
    There is no way to answer this question, I can’t possible choose just one… I love movies from all genres. Some of my favourites include the Before Trilogy (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight,) The Sin City Movies, The Mission Impossibles, (or anything with Tom Cruise,) Limitless, V is for Vendetta, Good WIll Hunting, Scary stuff like Oculus and The Conjuring. Uplifting stuff like Chef and Begin Again. Anything with Scarlett Johannson, all Marvel and DC Comic movies, The Warrior’s Way, White Oleander, and the list goes on. As you can see, I like Romance, Comedy, Horrors, Action, Adventure, Everything. Oh and I really, REALLY like, nay, LOVE good mindfuck movies like Oldeuboi, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Minds, The Prestige, Fight Club, Inception (and anything with  Leonardo DiCaprio,) Memento, Predestination, Abre Los Ojos, to name a few. Also anything with Johnny Depp.
  3. What is your favorite Fruit/s?
    Peaches! The shiny ones without the hairy skins. And Persimmons.

  4. Chocolate or vanilla?

  5. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
    For people to be more damn conscientious about the planet. It’s the only one we have, dammit. I’d like to change more than just one thing tho… I’d like to obliterate racism and prejudice and all those are nasty stuff that makes certain groups of people think they’re better than others. I’d like for poverty to go away. And famine. And I’d like for everyone to have somewhere warm to sleep on a cold winter’s night. And I’d like for there not to be any abandoned and homeless pets. I’d like for people to just leave the animals the fuck alone already. World peace, man, world peace. Why is that so hard?
  6. What is your favorite beauty product?
    I don’t really use that many beauty products. Perhaps black eyeliner? The only make up I wear is black eyeliner and eye shadow (I have one of those compact thingies with black, greys and a really cool shade of purple.) And even then, I’d wear make up maybe once a month, if that often. I do like shea butter products too, tho.
  7. What is your least favorite flavor/food?
    Asparagus… Lol.
  8. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
    Night owl, no doubt about it!! (Case in point, it’s 5:28AM now no I didn’t just wake up. I’ve been all night) Weekends, I sleep during the day and am awake at night. Mondays to Fridays I sleep normal hours like a responsible adult with a steady job. But the weekends are mine, dammit, MINE! I was most happiest when I was  unemployed and tried to earn an income writing. I’d get up at 1PM or 2PM, do some household chores, go for a walk or something, maybe play some playstation or read, then bath early and prepare dinner. Spend time with my bf in the evenings, and when he goes to bed I’d start writing and stay up all night doing that, till 7AM or 8AM when he goes to work, then I go to sleep till 1PM. That type of schedule agrees with me.
  9. Do you have any pets? what are their names?
    I have a few tarantulas. Pooh, Tigger, Pamela Blondie, Soldaat’jie (Little Soldier, because he marches up and down all the time) and The Architect (he’s really not good at constructing tunnels…) Fluffy recently passed away, he was old, it was his time 😦 Also have 2 cats. I love my cats very very dearly. Clio is a brown tabby cat (she’s The Boyfriend’s cat) and Smudge is whitish/light greyish/beige-ish. He’s all mine. Clio is a real lady, full up uppitiness sometimes, and Smudge is a little demon cat who loves to bite and claw. He’s also not “all there…” He’s my special little cat and I don’t know what I’d do without him. 
    Stuff 051 Stuff 003
    Baby Smudge!

  10. Who is your celebrity crush ?
    Another tough question, it was a tough call between Michael Shanks (and by Michael Shanks, I really just mean his character Daniel Jackson fromStargateSG1, the ultimate genius geek) and JohnnyDepp
    But I’d have to go with JohnnyDepp on this one.johnny-depp-quotes-you-can-close-your-eyes

I nominate
The Vegan Lily
Waste Free PhD
Full Circle Vegans
No Need For Mars
Going Zero Waste
Col’s Blog
The Vegan Rescue
She’s Going Green
Tash’s Table

Questions for the Nominee’s

(My blog is about my two most important lifestyle choices: Vegan and Zero Waste. Not all Vegan Bloggers are Zero Wasters, and not all Zero Waste Bloggers are Vegan, so just choose whichever option applies to you.)

  1. What made you decide to become a Vegan/vegetarian // pursue a Zero Waste Lifestyle?
  2. What’s the best tip you can give someone starting out on the Vegan // Zero Waste Journey?
  3. How has being a blogger changed your world view?
  4. How did you come up with your blog’s name?
  5. What is your favourite Vegan Recipe or Restaurant // Favourtie ZW Product, Recipe or Shop?
  6. Name the essential ingredients of a good blog according to you.
  7. What was the worst and best reaction from someone when they found out about your lifestyle choice?
  8. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
  9. Do you have any pets? what are their names? (off topic question, but I like to see other’s pets. hehe)
  10. What inspires you?

Oh, and you don’t necessarily have to use the same Liebster Award Image as the one at the top of this post. Just search “Liebster Award” in Google Images. There’s BOUND to be one to suit your blog’s theme.

Have fun!



9 responses to “Liebster Award

  1. Wow!!! Probably the best award post I have ever read 🙂 oh I love Johnny drop too 🙂 j am glad this gave you something to do at 5:00am 💜 goo night.. Or morning 🙂


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