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So, What’s The Problem?

Did you know that 13 billion single use plastic bags are littered each year? I’ll say that again: 13. Billion. BILLION. Per year. And do you know where these bags end up? In our oceans, in rivers, lakes. And landfills. Not only do they harm the environment, but the impact on sentient beings is devastating. The people of California realized this, and acted. In September of 2014, governor Jerry Brown signed the bill which was set to go into effect on July 1, 2015. That’s this month. Sadly, that never happened.

Why? Because certain companies threw their toys out the cot and got their panties all in a twist over all the money they’ll lose if, heaven forbid, plastic bags were to be banned. The ban is now delayed until November 2016.

And so, a social campaign was created to show support and stand with the people of California. What is this campaign? I’m so glad you asked…


Show us your favourite reusable bag selfie! Post your #MyBag selfie to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (or anywhere else) and show the world that we can do the right things right now – no matter where you are. Explain your support for California’s plastic bag ban; encourage your friends, family and followers to do the same.  Be sure to include #MyBag. (Via The Story of Stuff – I’ll Show You #MyBag If You Show Me Yours. Please also send a shout out to @storyofstuff.)

Yes, I'm hiding behind my bag. I'm shy, okay...

Yes, I’m hiding behind my bag. I’m shy, okay…

I’m still looking for the *perfect* bag and I have a very clear idea of what I want. I’m hoping to find one somewhere, if not, I’ve got a pattern. I will try to make one. Try, being the operative word… lol.) For now, my Million Acts of Green Bag will have to do, I’ve bought 2 from Pick ‘n Pay. I also have several fresh produce bags with cutesy little tie backs, for potatoes, onions, carrots, etc.

With a tie back string on top and a zip at the bottom for easy access. Also keeps your produce fresher for longer.

With a tie back string on top and a zip at the bottom for easy access. Also keeps your produce fresher for longer.

The time is now, Earthlings. Time for us to take action. Show your support!

Ps. As for the cover image way at the top of the post. My cat seems to like #mybag too… It’s gotten so bad, that he now has his own bag to sleep in, so I don’t have to wash the food bags every damn day… His name is Smudge, by the way. I’d be lost without him.


Post a picture of yourself with your reusable shopping bag, tag three Zero Waste Bloggers, link back to the person who tagged you and make sure to include #MyBag in your pictures meta data and in your blogpost.

Tagged by: Inge (OR, USA) – Grünish

I tag: 
Anne-Marie (US, CA) – Zero Waste Chef
Maria Luiza (or Malu) (São Paulo, BR) – Vivendo Sem Lixo
Pauline (FR) – Shizen

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Kathryn Going Zero Waste
Jessie – Tiny Yellow Bungalow

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